What is TEFL?

What is TEFL? /What is the difference between TEFL TESOL and CELTA

To all intents and purposes TEFL = TESOL in terms of qualifications. A basic first job will usually require a degree and a TEFL certificate. The CELTA is, in my opinion, a top end TEFL certificate. It is perhaps the most widely regarded. It is, however, a very intensive course and I believe it’s best to have a couple of years experience before taking it. What a lot of people do is take a simple TEFL certificate, teach for a while and then, if they decide they want to advance to higher positions or higher up the chain they take a CELTA.


How and what we teach?

We teach TEFL course which is designed in partnership with the London Teacher Training College. Our course is outlined based on the real life experience of teachers who have been in the field of teaching EFL(English as a Foreign Language) all over the world. We put you in a 3 week course that involves adequate theory and practical teaching. What we also offer is a free Thai culture course that teaches you Thai culture, basic phrases and many more. There is no such part in our TEFL course where you would think that you would not use in your teaching no matter what part of the world you are in(especially teaching non native speakers)

Our course is broken down into the following sections

Teaching English – Involves Grammar, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

Self teaching management – Involves board management, classroom management, lesson planning and many more

We teach you each section in detail and make sure that you get enough training so that you start teaching with effortless ease.

In short we will “not feed you fish but teach you how fish a fish (literally)” 


Advantages of learning TEFL with us in Thailand.

You might want to know why you would have to choose to learn with us in Thailand. Well lets consider a scenario where you learn TEFL from any of the institute in the UK and you arrive here in Thailand to teach. The possible unpleasant circumstances that you might find yourself in, would be 1) culture shock 2) language barrier 3) no practical idea on how to handle Thai students 4) Finding Accommodation 5) transportation issues and many more.

The above scenarios were brought into light not to intimidate you but so you understand the difficulty of travelling to an Asian country without any prior knowledge especially if your applying for teaching jobs.

When you join our TEFL course we make sure that we give you complete assistance to overcome the above scenarios and by doing so you have a good time teaching in Thailand and experience the wonderful moments that this country has to offer you. You will be under our wings for the entire 3 week training duration and the best part is that we offer you an ESL teaching job with a decent salary in one of our schools that we work with.

Having said the above we also believe that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” Hence we have also designed a free adventure program to make your training a much pleasant experience.