Visa and Work Permit


Once you have paid the deposit ensuring your participation in our TEFL program, the next step is the visa process. This is not so tedious as you might think, as we are going to break it down as detailed as possible.

What visa should I apply?

Non Immigrant B Visa (Employment Visa)

There are two types of the Non B visa a) Single Entry – valid for 90 days and b) Multiple Entry – valid for 365 days

In the recent past, several Royal Thai Consulates and Royal Thai Embassies have changed the rules and regulations of obtaining this Non B visa. Considering these changes some of the consulates would give you your Non B Visa with the documents we provide and some would ask for an additional document called the WP3 document, a pre-requisite to applying for this Non B Visa.  We have experienced such scenarios with certain Royal Thai Consulates around the world and not all.

WP3 is nothing but a pre-arranged work permit slip. This is issued by the school which is interested in hiring you and is suitable only for a “direct placement (without a TEFL course)”.

Hence if the consulate where  you are applying for a Non B visa asked for a WP3 then chances are you won’t be issued a Non B visa and in such scenario you can arrive into Thailand on a Tourist Visa.

Tourist Visa

We suggest you apply for a Tourist visa in case you couldn’t apply for the Non B Visa. A tourist visa is valid for 60 days. Employment is prohibited, yet we can apply for a Non B Visa for which you will have to exit Thailand to a nearest country such as Burma, Laos or Malaysia to get your visa done.

“We literally spoon feed you about the whole process of exiting to a neighboring country and re-entering Thailand with a valid work visa (Non Immigrant B visa)”

Visa Run and Avoid Overstays:

Your visa gets activated the moment you arrive into Bangkok, let it be a Non B or Tourist.

As given above a Non B Visa is valid for 90 days and upon joining duty as a teacher we will process your Work Permit and Teachers License to extend your visa until the termination of your contract with the school.

Whereas a Tourist visa is valid for 60 days and within which you will be completing your TEFL course and upon joining duty as a teacher we will process documents for you to exit the country and apply for a Non B visa. This is the legal way of doing it and we stick to it no matter what.

It is your responsibility to check your visa expiration date and keep us informed of it. We will take no responsibility if you happen to overstay as it would result in paying a penalty of 500THB per day of overstay.


Work Permit  

The applicants will be provided with a permit when they start teaching in Thailand. The respective schools will process the work permits and the applicants must submit all required documents to enable the process. Every teacher will be processed a work permit even if you don’t desire one. Thai law stipulates that all foreign teachers working in Thailand must have work permits. About the question, who bears the cost of the work permit this will depend with your contract. Some schools pay upfront for the work permits; some after you finish the contract. Some schools pay half and some schools won’t pay at all. This will depend on your contractual negotiations when you arrive in Thailand.

Additional documents needed when applying for a work permit in Thailand.

  1. Passport with a valid visa
  2. Educational papers
  3. Paperwork from your current employer
  4. Medical Certificate to be acquired in Thailand
  5. Passport size picture with formal dress code
  6. Teachers License to be processed in Thailand (Most school handle this process)