Travel Information

Travel Information 

All applicants are advised that when they fly to Thailand, they must connect from Bangkok to our location Hat Yai by flying to Hat Yai International Airport. You can also connect from Kuala Lumpur. You can also take the bus or train from Bangkok.

If you need to fly down, the following airlines come to our city

  • Air Asia from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur
  • Thai Airways from Bangkok
  • Tiger Airways from Singapore
  • Nok Air from Bangkok
  • Happy Air from Phuket
  • Orient Thai from Bangkok 

To get to school/travel in Thailand depending on your location you can use the following transportation that is available to you

  • Bus

They run on timetables, so please find the bus timetables first before making any plans of using the bus. They are also cheap but sometimes, overcrowded.

  • Songtel

Pickup truck with a roof and people sit in the back (most common). They tend to be very cheap and common and many people use them.

  • Minivan

Tend to be common but expensive. They tend to have some comfort hence they charge more than buses or songtels for the same journey. Again they have certain routes and stops and you will need to find out as well.

  • Bike

Renting or buying, the choice will be yours. Please ride carefully when you have one. Renting is about 2000baht per month and buying depends on the make and condition of the bike from 5000baht-500,000baht even more.

  • Train

Common mostly in Bangkok, can be used for long journeys.