30,000THB per month (full figure salary)

You will earn a salary of 30,000 THB per month and you will start earning this figure a month from the day you started working. We will assist you in getting a bank account into which your salary is transferred.

Is 30,000 per month Enough for me?


The living expenses in Thailand are very cheap. Food is available almost everywhere and also you can find lot of eatables 24/7 in 7Eleven stores.


Below is a General breakdown of the some expenses you will incur every month and savings you can achieve

House/Apartment Rent: 3500-5500THB per month (Deposit may be required which could be a month’s rent or above depending on the house/apartment owner)

Electricity – 6-8 baht per unit
Water – 100-200 baht per month
Meals per day – 150baht per month
Other expenses – Lets just say 3000 per month

You can easily save 12-15,000 baht per month. It all depends on the way you budget your expenses and spend for the “needs” over to the “wants”.

Well, the breakdown that we saw above is considering your expenses from you standard salary. You always have the option of coaching extra classes after school hours at your ease and earn at least 300 baht every hour you contribute. You can go the extra mile by sacrificing your comforts for a shorter period and utilize these benefits during the unpaid semester breaks.