JTA TEFL course

JTA TEFL course

JTA TEFL course fulfills your desire to learn in Thailand, becoming a TEFL certified English Teacher and the potential to teach anywhere in the world, all the way from Alaska to Japan. As our course runs throughout the year you need not worry if you happen to miss a course date as you will end up enrolling in the next closest date to which you initially applied. JTA TEFL course will only prove to be a springboard to your career in teaching English as a second or foreign language to your target audience. In the course of time you will be trained to take control of all the aspects of teaching starting from your body language, rate or speech, board organization, lesson planning etc.,

Krabi is where your initial TEFL training will take place and the training will span for 3 weeks, during which you will learn all the theoretical and practical skills needed to teach English as a TEFL trained teacher. Our course opens you the door to “Multiple Opportunities” local or abroad. You will chip off all the rough edges and be prepared to teach any number of target audiences regardless of their age. You will heavily rely on self motivation and motivating your students to keep them engaged in the classroom activities.

We provide TEFL training to a batch or conduct classes with just one or two trainees. Yet the advantage of group training teaches you to work in groups, helping your peers, taking and giving constructive feedback to fellow trainees, cherishing the moments of classroom training and other fun activities. Sometimes it helps you overcome “home sickness” as you could be away from home for the first time.

Once you have completed your training you’ll receive a certificate to certify that you have completed 120 hours of classroom training and observed teaching practice.  You will then become a qualified teacher trained in TEFL and geared up to suit and tailor your teaching methodologies according to the target audience.

The final phase after the completion of your training will be your placement as a ESL teacher. This option will become void for the candidates who opt for training only. In case you have a change in mind and you are interested to dive into the sea of teaching, just let us know as we will be more than happy to place you as a ESL teacher in Thailand.