Guaranteed Job

Placement as ESL Teacher in Thailand

Your job as an ESL Teacher is guaranteed after the completion of your course. You will be placed within 7-10 business days after the completion of the training with us. We are partnered with many schools in Thailand and hence we can place you with effortless ease. One thing you must remember that there are many Foreigners in Thailand from various parts of the world who are here to work and the easiest way of getting a job in Thailand for a Foreigner is working as an ESL Teacher. With JTA TEFL you will be able to stand out from the crowd and have the vital knowledge to be an effective teacher.

We at JTA TEFL would always advise you to be friendly, believing in yourself, keeping your self-motivation up and teaching with utmost confidence. Thai teachers who recruit you, will always see if you are adaptable to Thai culture and we are sure that you will surpass this.

Interview and Teaching Demo:

The day we take you to your school to place you one of the two or even both of the following can happen

  • Mini Interview – This is the point where the Thai teachers from the English department will speak to you casually or formally to get to know you well.

Note: We will provide you guidance on what to expect from the Thai Teachers

  • Teaching Demo – You might be asked to give a 15-30 mins of teaching demo on a random topic or a topic of your choice