Course Outline

WE pride ourselves for producing the best trained TEFL teachers in Thailand. Our course focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of ESL learning. This course also incorporates Thai culture and Thai language in order to prepare the teachers about Thailand before they start teaching.

Below you find the guidelines of the course that you would be trained on Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 120 hour course programme

Course Outline

Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Methodologies, Behaviorism, Audiolingualism, The Natural Way, Humanistic Approaches



Terms and definitions

Countable and uncountable nouns


Verbs, Modal and auxiliary



Teaching and Learning Grammar

Presenting a structure,

Grading language,

Mistakes and correction,

Recycling language,

Practice and production


Teaching Vocabulary

How to teach vocabulary

words and sentences

choosing vocabulary

using the dictionary


Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing

Accuracy vs. Fluency,

communication activities,

the stages of writing

correction techniques


Teaching Receptive Skills; Listening and reading

Different types of listening skills

Teaching listening skills

The stages of reading,

reading activities and materials


Materials and Aids

Using flash cards, pictures and regalia

How to organize the board

Using the overhead projector

The use of video

Authentic materials


Teaching Pronunciation

Stress, rhythm and intonation

The phonetic chart

Mother tongue interference

Practical activities


Lesson Planning

The contents of a lesson

Teaching different classes

Pair and group work

The stages of a lesson

Getting feedback


Teaching young learners and teenagers

Practical activities and lesson types

Basic principles

Teaching on holiday course


Using course books effectively

Exploiting the course book

Course book evaluation

Practical activities and lesson types


Introduction to using the web

Exploiting the web for English teaching


Thai Culture and language Course

Thai language and Culture


Teaching Observation

Teacher trainees will have at least 6 teaching Practice classes which will be observed by trainers and the trainees given feedback on the