Course Details

TEFL Course Details

Our 120 hour certificate in TEFL covers an extended syllabus. Many employers regard the standard for the profession as being a course which comprises a hundred or more hours of study time.

There is a focus on lesson planning and practical teaching skills which will equip those who are new to the profession and inspire those who already have some experience.

This course is ideal for those who wish to gain a professional qualification in Teaching English as a foreign language.


TEFL Course Duration and Placement

An internationally recognized 120 hrs (three weeks full time) of TEFL certificate from London Teacher Training College(LTTC), followed with immediate teaching placement in Thailand.


TEFL Thai Culture Course

The Thai Cultural and Language Course offered with this TEFL course helps you to adopt a Thai way of life. The language course will offer you the helpful phrases that you will need to know in order to make your life easy in Thailand


TEFL Course Training Locations

The exotic small resort town of  Ao Nang in Krabi Province will be our primary location during the 3 weeks of training. The location for the second and third week of intensive teaching practice will be held at our Thai government schools which houses Thai students.


TEFL Course Accommodation

Free accommodation throughout the entire course. If you require single occupancy, please let us know and you will be required to pay an extra $200 USD (£125)


TEFL Course Adventures

Here at Jobs Teaching Abroad we pride ourselves on having fun whilst learning. After completing your first weeks training we will have an adventure program that consists of:


1)    Snorkeling Trip around some beautiful Islands in the Andaman Sea


2)    We will also provide a weekend trip to one of the following tourist spots after finishing the week in Krabi


Wong Sai Thong Waterfall

Phu Pha Phet Cave (World’s third largest cave)

White water Rafting

Floating market


TEFL Certificate

Qualification: LTTC Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. On completion of your TEFL course, you’ll receive your certificate no later than 2 weeks


TEFL Course Fees

Inclusive in the TEFL Course fees are: free accommodation during the training period, , transport to and from Hat Yai, Adventure program, TEFL certificate with job assistance : $1490 USD (£930) or TEFL certificate with guaranteed job placement : $1590 USD (£990)


Jobs Teaching Abroad Salary

A competitive starting salary of 30,000 baht (Approx. $1000 USD) every month comes with a job placement