Accommodation  in Thailand

JTA TEFL provides free accommodation during the TEFL course. We expect the candidates to arrive two days before the course start date. The accommodation charges will be shouldered by the students for those two days. We would need a day before the actual course start date, for the sole reason of having an orientation class where the trainer meets the batch and vice versa.

Three weeks of free accommodation in Ao Nang, Krabi. The accommodation during the TEFL course will be double or triple occupancy. Candidates who prefer single occupancy should pay an extra $200 or £125. The accommodations will include

  • Internet
  • A/C
  • TV
  • Laundry Service

JTA TEFL will provide non financial assistance with accommodation during the placement period (The period after the training is over). If possible, save some money to be able to pay for accommodation during the 1st month when you start working.

Assistance will be given all the way when you are looking for accommodation. Our staff will assist you all the way and all the help you need will be rendered. We will also provide relocation assistance when necessary. Accommodations in Thailand and throughout SE Asia are generally smaller and have fewer amenities than do Western style accommodations. There are some schools we work with, are in smaller or more remote areas of Thailand and thus do not have accommodations that are up to Western standards.

Laundry is easily and inexpensively done by many local ladies (300 – 500 baht/month) or at small coin-operated washing machines. There are internet cafes everywhere and are usually very cheap. Restaurants and street vendors are everywhere and usually very inexpensive. TV’s and DVD players can be purchased for a reasonable price, but there are many other things to do in Thailand other than watch TV and movies.